Upcoming patchwork sweater

I have been working on a patchwork sweater as a sort of warm up for a gift that I’m going to make for my boyfriend. It’s a button up sweater made from used thrift store sweaters. The other day I went to my favorite thrift store and picked out 5-6 sweaters in brown and dark green in order to get ready. I then used some black and grey sweaters I had picked up previously to test out the pattern while I wait for the serger thread to arrive in the mail.

So far it’s been a painful process but the end is in sight. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow and to write a long post that goes into the details of how it was made. Here is a photo to give you an idea of the finished coat. Looks pretty cool so far!IMG_0329

Arm warmers made from upcycled sweaters

Today to unwind I decided to make some easy arm warmers. This patchwork style uses strips from old sweaters to create striped arm warmers.


First I started with some sweaters from the thrift store. With Halloween coming up, I decided to make some orange and black arm warmers.


I used my rotary cutter to cut these into some 4inch by 9inch rectangles.


Alternating patterns and asymmetry look cool so I decided to go for an uneven look. I laid out my strips in order to visualize what the arm warmers would look like.

At this point be careful that all of your strips are right side up. I’ve accidentally sewn stuff backwards before, so learn from my mistakes.


I had to get these bad boys threaded up on my serger. Feel free to cry if you also need to thread your serger.


Alright done!

Now you need to just sew the strips together.



Once that’s done I usually try to pin/clip the sides together. I start with the top and sew that straight across. Then I cut the bottom so that it’s even and sew across that.


This technique helps me avoid serging around the sleeve which I think looks much sloppier.

Next sew up the sides.


Now all the have to do is finish up the seams. My favorite method is to just burn them with a lighter.


Once you finish the first arm warmer make sure to finish the next one so you have a pair. These are so quick and easy you can whip up a whole batch really quickly.


You can even add a thumb to make these extra cozy!


Oh man, I almost lost the blog!

Man I got lucky! I have been working on moving helliebee.com to kneedles.com, and in the process I switched my hosting account and had to backup my blog and move it to a new server. Well, updating the nameservers took longer than I thought and in the mean time I cleared out my downloads folder. Of course, I had to accidentally delete my wordpress backup!

I was freaking out until I remembered that I had installed a backup of the blog on the local version of wordpress that I have for testing out new web designs on my computer.

Sorry for the long break in between updates! I’ve actually been knitting a lot this season and have already finished a whole bunch of socks that I will post later. First, I picked up a new hobby called needle felting! It’s incredibly versatile, fast, and you can make some super cute things with it. Check out this bear I made for my mom for her trip to Costa Rica!

I am so relieved! This is the closest thing that I have to a diary and I was really upset when I thought that I had lost it. I will definitely be updating a lot more often!

New horseshoe lace scarf pattern

Hey remember that horseshoe lace scarf that I made a year or so ago? I got this gorgeous yarn and thought it would be perfect for the horseshoe lace pattern! I love this pink; it’s one of the only shades of pink that I actually like :).

What do you think so far?

All done! It’s too short though. I think that I might try to sell it on etsy as a children’s scarf.

Not sure what to work on next…

Well here I am not sure what to make for my next project!
Not really feeling anything knitty/crochet-ey so it might be a recipe or something like that. I’m kind of low on funds right now too so it will have to be something that I can make with what I have on hand.
Maybe a pumpkin pie or something I think I have a can of the mix and crusts are easy enough to make. Plus it is Halloweeny!
What am I going to do for Halloween? Woefully I have absolutely no money this year so I will have to dress up as a person that is too poor to afford a costume this year.
Oh well, there is always next year~!

Socks! In beautiful green!

So I did finally manage to make a pair of socks in a decent amount of time. Usually I make the first one and there is a bit of a break until I make the next one.

The glorious second sock was completed not long after the first!
The glorious second sock was completed not long after the first!

This project took approximately 4 days to complete. Crafted on size 4 needles.

Not really in love with the pattern I thought that I would look different because of the picture on the pattern. I think that maybe the issue was the yo. I think that some people want their yarn overs to create eyelets and some people want them to not be so dramatic. I tend to knit in a dramatic way so I always have eyelets in my yo lol.

The completed pair!
The completed pair!

In any case, the birthday girl that I knitted these for has expressed her approval! Besides I tend to go through a stage of craft loathing after I first create something. I think all the intense focus that you use to make something can get rather critical. I usually like the things I make a bit better when I take a break from looking at them. Guess I’m just weird lol.

I’m back!

Autumn leaves are starting to fall and it’s that time again! Time to curl up with a cozy cup of tea and start my knitting projects!

Okay sorry for the long break between postings. For some reason I can’t knit in the summer. I guess it’s just the lure of the beach is too strong lol. Plus the yarn is all hot and itchy in the summertime. Not like in the winter when it keeps your hands warm.

Why now you ask? Well I’m house sitting for the next week and I’ve been sick so plenty of rest means idle hands :P.

First thing on the agenda: home made socks! I’m making these for a friend her birthday is in about a week. The first sock is coming along nicely so far. I haven’t used this pattern before so it’s a bit of an experiment.

I’ll update with pictures next post. Promise!

I found them!

Once I gave up on my tapestry needles, I found them in my purse! I DID look in my purse. There is a lot of stuff in my purse however, LOL. 

Of course, the front of my sweater/shell is coming unraveled but that is easily fixed. I will post pictures soon!